Samstag, März 17, 2018

NEW BOOKS-Birds & Trees

Just got two new books published by KOSMOS Verlag and illustrated by me, one about birds and the other about Trees. I must say that my publishers did an excellent job , making this publication very special! It`s always a pleasure to see my work published, having in mind that is going to have a much wider audience..Attached few samples of the illustrations, and here is a direkt Link to the books:

Montag, März 12, 2018

European Breeding Bird Atlas 2 New illustration project

I`ve been recently invited to illustrate few  species for  the new European breeding bird atlas EBBA 2. I feel honoured to be part of this huge project! Check out the Facebook page, and find more informations about sponsoring at…/ebba2-species-sponsorship/
Here they are some more informations about the artwork:
Forgot ot mention that all the illustrations have been  painted using Acryla Gouache , a new medium to me.

Bonelli`s eagle

Chukar partridge

European roller

Lanner falcon ssp.feldeggii

Long legged buzzrad

Samstag, März 10, 2018

IN-DANGER BOOK- Expedition Art

Since I haven`t the time to go outdoors at the moment,I decided to upload some of my latest  illustration work. In this case, an exciting project, about endangered or even extinct animals, which is going to be published as a book very soon.
I`ve been invited to be part of this and feel extremely honoured to be able to provide four images for this unique project as one of more than 50 talented artists from all over the world.
Check out their Facebook and website:

Great Indian Rhinoceros

Ivory-billed Woodpecker

Spix macaw

Sage Grouse

Mittwoch, Februar 21, 2018

New Tawny owl speedy sketch-Nymphenburg Park

It was a beautiful winter day today, and couldn`t resist to go outside. Haven`t been in Nymphenburg park long time now, and I was wondering if the Tawny owls are still there. I felt as if I were in a fairy tale , such a beautiful snowcovered landscape around,. Couldn`t spot any of the owls except of "Kasimir" who gave me the chance to sketch him for a while..But it was too cold and I had to give up after two hours...

Montag, Januar 29, 2018

Cats and Chimpanzee studies-Munich zoo

From my today`s visit to Munich zoo.It was a "Cat" day today, since I spend almost all of my time sketching big and smaller cats.I didn`t have enough time available and I did only speedy studies. I forgot to mention that beside Cats , I managed to sketch also a Chimpanzee...

Mittwoch, Januar 24, 2018

Montag, Januar 15, 2018

New Eurasian Lynx studies

New studies of " Merlin" the male lynx in Munich zoo. Has been sketched on the spot today in the morning, a very cold one! Various fineliners & Copic markers (photo credit: Bernhard Däubler)